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In today’s society, we all face many challenges in our daily lives. With demanding schedules, the increase in technology and increased external expectations, a greater number of people are reaching out for therapeutic assistance to help them cope with their day-to-day lives and move towards greater productivity and happiness. When it comes to treatment for many mental health concerns, one method that has shown particular effectiveness in clinical studies is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

In the beginnings of my clinical work I practiced what therapists call the ‘eclectic approach’, which is essentially using different techniques from various theorists depending on the client. As my practice and experience grew, I found that cognitive therapy consistently resulted in more effective and long lasting results.

After several years of trainings and consultation under the Academy of Cognitive Therapists, I became well aware that clinical hypnosis is often recommended alongside CBT to ‘amplify’ the desired shifts in thought and behavior. It also was that although cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy were accessible in San Diego, there were few options for clients who would like a clinician that specializes in both. I moved ahead and completed Michael Yapko’s intensive training in clinical hypnosis for mental health specialists. The results have been remarkable, and I am so pleased that I am able to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience such an exceptional mode of treatment.

Therapist Specialities Offered

If you are undergoing significant changes in your life, or you are discovering that there are issues that are getting in the way of leading the life you want, you can benefit from seeing a caring therapist. As a San Diego psychotherapist, my goal is to assist you in creating a plan for self-care and to help you work toward finding solutions that lead to an enhanced quality of life. I specialize in individual adult as well as adolescent cognitive behavioral therapy in San Diego and neighboring areas. In addition to traditional cognitive behavioral therapist methods, I utilize hypnotherapy to help to develop and implement strategies in order enhance your strengths and use them to create a balanced and happy life. Hypnotherapists are especially helpful for treating phobias, exploring emotions, and changing habitual negative thought patterns.

During adolescence, teens suffer from stress from family, relationships and friends while trying to navigate new situations in their lives as they become adults. I focus on empowering parents and adolescents to cope with all of the changes that happen during the sometimes confusing years of adolescence.

also offer ASW and LCSW supervision for individuals and groups for interns in San Diego as well as videoconferencing sessions throughout California.

My  office is in the heart of downtown San Diego, California, centrally located for clients coming from Coronado and anywhere else in San Diego County.


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